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শুভেচ্ছা চেরী !!

আমার ফুপাতো বোন চেরী আজ একটি পুত্রসন্তানের জন্ম দিয়েছে।আমি খুবই আনন্দিত!

Strategic Business Analysis tackling the challenges posed by globalization between the period of 1980 to 1996

The challenges posed by globalization:

The impact of globalization in the period of 1980-1996 has resulted in the change of business environment. It has posed 5 different challenges in the strategic management of the business, these challenges are (1) Increased Competition, (2) Reduced Profit Margin (3) Shortening Product/ service life and development cycles(4) The role of ICTs in supporting and enabling business processes (5) The need of increased flexibility.

Product life cycle:

Product life cycle concept can be used to face the challenge posed by the increased competition in the business environment in the period of 1980-1996.
The Product life cycle concept can be used to analyse and predict competitive conditions and identify key issues for management. Competitive conditions are characterized for different stages, introduction, growth, maturity and decline of the products’ life cycle.

The challenge of reduced profit margin can also be overcome by using the product life cycle concept. At the introduction stage (Campbell, 1999). ‘elasticity of demand’ is identified as a key factor affecting profitability. ‘Entry price’ for the product is a key issue for the management. If the elasticity is low then ‘skimming’ is indicated.

The growth stage is considered as a high profit stage owing to high sales. At this stage it is important to identify when to stop continuing ‘milking’ where high sales have already been achieved.

The maturity stage is characterized as a stage where profitability is obtaining by customer retention. The key factors which can earn customer loyalty are free services and/or customer rewarding.

At the decline stage the sale of the products decline therefore profits decline. At this stage businesses have to find a way to reduce investment to maximise profit without compromising the loyalty of customers.

Generally, modelling a company in terms of the life cycles of its products or services leads to a direct way of addressing and tackling reduced profit margin in the business organisation.

The emerging role of ICTs within the business organisations are countered successfully by life cycle analysis via creation of definition of each stage. It then becomes easy to specify how ICTs can be used at each stage of lifecycle.

As EWB discuss at the introduction stage the focus of ICT will be on market research and product development. But at the declining stage the focus of ICT will be different.

The challenge of the need of increased flexibility is tackled by product life cycle analysis when it helps tackling the shortening development life cycles by implementing parallel processing and multi-disciplinary teams. The life cycle concept also generates increased frequency of decision making as it prompts quick changes to face the changing market environment.

Portfolio Analysis:

The five different challenges posed by modern day business environment have been tackled by portfolio theory in the following ways:

Campbell (Campbell, 1999) says a broad portfolio underpins the concept of spreading risk and opportunities. It offers the advantage of strength so that a down turn market will not threaten the whole economy.

In an increasingly competitive environment, this concept of spreading risk and opportunity can be utilized so that if one product fails in the market the other product will help the business to recover from the loss.

The portfolio analysis which is closely related to life cycle analysis takes the help of BCG matrix to explain its analysis process. BCG matrix is based upon the fact that a market share in a matured share is correlated with profitability. It also comments that it is less risky and less expensive to win a market share at the growth stage as it’s easier to get new customers rather than getting customers to switch products.

The BCG matrix requires continuous monitoring of the market performance of the product, in response to their shortening life cycles. It is critical to know exactly at what stage the product life cycle is at any given time. BCG matrix uses marketing expenditure to detect market changes.

Since the BCG matrix uses the product life cycle theory in its portfolio analysis, the characters that exist in the life cycle analysis also exist in the portfolio analysis. Therefore, the applications of ICTs help in gaining optimal support of each product and support in the company portfolio.

The use of BCG matrix entails increased frequency of decision making, resulting more frequent organisational change and by stimulating necessary organisational flexibility to cope with the change.

Competitive Forces Analysis:

Competitive forces analysis tackles the challenge of modern business environment by holding the concept of ‘barriers’ in the business environment.
The concept of barriers is applied in different circumstances and allows an organisation to take advantage of opportunities and avoid the threats. Few circumstances that are considered in a competitive forces analysis are capital costs of entry- easy enough to apply, if there is a high cost for the product the barrier is high, similarly, if the brand loyalty is high in an existing market, the barrier is also high, as it’s going to be hard to get the customer switch the products.

Price is another difficult but important issue, if the product has a low price in the market, then the barrier is high, as it’s going to be difficult for an organisation to enter market with a low price while its market share will not be big. It will need a big investment to get the breakeven and then to make profit.

Competitive forces analysis is always applied from the perspective of an existing player in the market rather than a new entrant. Reason for that is, the concept of competitive forces analysis was developed during the period of 1980s when the existing big players in the market was finding it hard to compete with the new entrants of the market.

In the porter’s five forces framework and profitability (Campbell, 1999) an attempt has been made to relate company’s potential profitability and the five forces in the business environment. It identifies potential situations of high profitability for business and decides which to invest in. The five forces framework uses the concept of CFA ‘barrier’ theory and comes to conclusion that a high rivalry in an existing market will increase competition and will reduce the profit margin.

The role of (Edwards, 1995) ‘Strategic IT’ in competitive forces analysis is quite important as it can be used to alter each of the 5 forces in the framework to increase company’s profitability.

However the CFA fails to provide any solution for the Shortening life cycles and need for increased flexibility.

Value Chain Analysis:

The Value Chain Analysis (VCA) supplies a unique abstract concept. The value chain consists of (1) Value added, (2) the business activity which transforms the inputs into outputs and (3) chain of business activities which is the most unique of all.

The value chain analysis models the business environment in two different forms, external VCA- applies the concept of value chain to supply chain and internal VCA- applies the concept of value chain to company’s internal business.

The managers use the abstract concept in relation the model in order to tackle challenges posed by globalization both directly and in combination with other concepts.

The external value chain applies the concept of value chain to the supply chain which consists of business environment; therefore it tackles the challenges posed by the increased competition.

By applying the concept of value chain to the supply chain an organisation will be in competition with other supply chains within the business environment. By reducing the cost of adding value at each stage in the chain, organisations can sell goods or services at the same or cheaper than other chains to generate more profit. Thereby the external VCA claims to tackle the reduced profit margins while tackling increased competition.

Within the internal VCA the electronic data interchange (EDI) between computer systems has enabled sharing information systems as well as information. This implies the significance of ICT in cost reduction. The role of ICT is also important in external VCA while it shares information with its trading partners.

The internal IT systems imposed by external environment makes the system rigid which is not a characteristic of flexible organisation. To solve this problem the business process had to be redefined and recreated. Another attempt to promote flexibility within the organisation was the use of object oriented software development and using the web as new channels of business communication.

The use of IT systems especially EDI and the web have made the flow of information internally and externally very fast. Therefore, the response to any change due to the shortening of product and service development and life cycles has been easy to tackle.


Webster, F. (1995). Theories of Information Society. London: Routledge.
Campbell, D. Stonehouse, G. & Houston, B. (1999). Business Strategy: An introduction. Oxford: Butterwoth Heinemann.
Edwards, C. Ward, J & Bytheway, A. (1995) The essence of information systems. London : Prentice Hall

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A little prayer :: প্রার্থনা

"Our Lord! Punish us not if we forget or fall into error, our Lord! Lay not on us a burden like that which You did lay on those before us ; our Lord! Lay not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. Pardon us and grant us Forgiveness. Have mercy on us. You are our Protector ; Give us victory over the disbelieving people."

Al Qur'an 2:286

"হে আমাদের প্রতিপালক! যদি আমরা ভুলে যাই বা ভুল করি তবে আপনি আমাদেরকে অপরাধী করবেন না। হে আমাদের প্রতিপালক! আমাদের পুর্ববর্তীদেরকে যে ভারী দায়িত্ব দিয়েছিলেন আমাদের উপর তেমন দায়িত্ব দিবেন না। হে আমাদের প্রতিপালক! আপনি এমন ভার আমাদের উপর দিবেন না যা বইবার শক্তি আমাদের নেই। আর আমাদের পাপ মোচন করুন, আর আমাদেরকে ক্ষমা করে দিন, আর আমাদের উপর দয়া করুন, আপনি আমাদের অভিভাবক।অতএব অবিশ্বাসী সম্প্রদায়ের বিরুদ্ধে আপনি আমাদের জয়যুক্ত করুন।"

আল কুরআন
সুরা বাকারা আয়াত ২৮৬

Amnesia of the few Bangladeshis

I have been following the news from Bangladesh following the arrest of Sheikh Hasina. There have been protests by the student arm of the Awami League in a typical violent way: by setting off hand made grenades. The student arm of Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League is called Bangladesh Students (Chattra) League. This violent wing of Awami League, together with the Student wings of BNP and Jamat-E-Islami has been corrupting the academic environment in Bangladesh. I will discuss the destructive nature of these three student organisations another day.

Following Sheikh Hasina’s arrest, teachers from various public universities have also gone on strike.

This doesn’t surprise me. Having been through the education system in Bangladesh, I know that these teachers were either receiving favours from the Awami League or trying to build up a career in politics after their retirement. The public university teachers in Bangladesh are highly politicised and are bitterly divided under two main political parties in Bangladesh. The teachers, along with the three student wings of three main political parties have been polluting the academic environment of the public universities for as long as I can remember. Their politics caused dramatic fall in the quality of the education in the public universities across the country. I don’t see why they had to go on strike following Sheikh Hasina’s arrest (unless they have some hidden issues). Why can’t they just let the investigation go ahead? If she hasn’t done anything wrong (which I refuse to believe), she will be freed (I hope that will never happen).

As I was saying before, Bangladesh Students League was holding protests in their usual violent way. Those who read Bangladeshi newspapers know how the student politics have corrupted the academic environment to help the political parties to grab the power.

Most of the student politicians are the worst students from the university, who are after some quick money by causing disruption in education as and when they are instructed by their party leaders. They are also very active in occupying the halls of residence illegally and then ‘leasing’ them out to their ‘favourite’ pupils, often in exchange of money.

As the readers can imagine, all the aforementioned corruption have now stopped. The current government has taken strict steps to wipe out these anti-social elements and started to promise a better future for the country.

At the prospect of losing their ill advantages, the corrupted teachers and their equally corrupted students have gone on strike.

I am also surprised at some of the die-hard local protestors. They are the very people who were speaking of the injustice committed by Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia six months ago. They were complaining about how their freedom of movement had been restricted due to the irresponsible strikes and policing. Surely, these people are suffering from Amnesia. How did these people forget how Awami League activists killed the rivals on the street? How did they forget how the Awami League activists brought the country to a standstill under the direction of Sheikh Hasina?

I urge all the stakeholders in the current Bangladeshi administration not to lose momentum and to carry on with the reform programme in Bangladesh. Please don’t pay attention to people who are suffering from memory loss, you have a difficult job to finish.

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Alo :: আলো

This lyric from Tahsan's 'Ichche' album is great! The song is called 'Alo'.

তাহসানের ‘ইচ্ছে’ এলবামের এই গানটির কথা খুব সুন্দর..গানটির নাম ‘আলো’

তুমি আর তো কারো নও শুধু আমার
যত দূরে সরে যাও রবে আমার
স্তব্ধ সময়টাকে ধরে রেখে
স্মৃতির পাতায় শুধু তুমি আমার
কেন আজ এত একা আমি
আলো হয়ে দূরে তুমি
আলো আলো আমি কখনো খুঁজে পাবনা
চাঁদের আলো তুমি কখনো আমার হবে না
রোমন্থন করি ফেলে আশা
দৃশ্যপট স্বপ্নে আঁকা
লুকিয়ে তুমি কোন সুদুরে
হয়তো ভবিষ্যতের আড়ালে
ঘাসের চাদরে শুয়ে একা
আকাশের পানে চেয়ে জেগে থাকা
তবে আজ এত একা কেন
আলো হয়ে দূরে তুমি
আলো আলো আমি কখনো খুঁজে পাবনা
চাঁদের আলো তুমি কখনো আমার হবে না

Curriculum Vitae of Harry Potter

Harry Potter is 18 now, and now that all the books have been published, he now needs a part time job while carrying on his studies. So he applies for a job. Below is the CV he submitted with the application for the job.

Name: Harry Potter

Address: 12, Grimmauld Place, London. (Can also be contacted via 'Owl Mail')

Date of birth: 31 July 1980

Objective: Find and destroy Voldemort and all of his ‘Horcruxes’(pieces of Lord Voldemort's nasty soul).


Ordinary Wizarding Level (O.W.L.) examinations : Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry , Scotland.

Currently studying from home for the Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test (N.E.W.T.)


  • Denied immortality although had held the philosopher’s stone.
  • Found a secret chamber.
  • Killed a giant snake and destroyed one of the ‘Horcruxes’.
  • Befriended a werewolf.
  • Won the Triwizard championship.
  • Faced the dark Lord Voldemort three times and survived.
  • Taught the classmates the defence magic when teachers refused to taught.

Hobby: Excellent Quidditch player (Seeker)

Marital Status: Single (kissed 2 pretty classmates)

The 'Most impressive bank' in UK

A monthly survey conducted for The Times by Populus has revealed The Co-operative Bank to be the 'Most impressive bank', ranking above ten other banks and building societies including Nationwide, Halifax (HBOS), Abbey, NatWest and HSBC.

Those consumers polled were asked to rate The Co-operative Bank, Nationwide, HBOS, Abbey, Lloyds TSB, NatWest, RBS, HSBC, Egg, Barclays and First Direct on their impressions of their behaviour. A rating of 100 means consumers would go out of their way to buy products or services and advise others to do so. The Co-operative Bank came out on top with a rating of 63. Nationwide came second in the poll with a rating of 57 and First Direct (part of HSBC), came bottom of the survey scoring 43.

This success is a further accolade to add to the four industry awards that The Co-operative Bank and smile have recently received for 'Best Mortgage Provider', 'Best Online Banking Provider' and 'Best Student Account' at the Your Money awards and 'Best 100% Mortgage Provider' from Moneyfacts, the UK's leading independent financial website.

An article on the poll was published in The Times newspaper yesterday, click here to view the article.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Revolution in Bangla typing

I have long been waiting to learn to type in Bangla. Being brought up in Bangladesh in the earlier part of my life, I have always held a soft corner in my heart for the Bangla language. I was looking for typing software which would allow me to express my thoughts in Bangla.

I went to Dhaka and went through the shops in the famous BCS Computer City in Agargaon. The only typing software I could find was based on ‘Bijoy’ keyboard. ‘Bijoy’ keyboard is a very complex keyboard layout which would’ve taken me a long time to learn and master. I was looking for something quicker.

Few days ago, I just randomly did a search on Google on Bangla keyboards and discovered the ‘Masterpiece’. It’s the ‘Avro’ Keyboard by Omicronlab. It was available for free and I downloaded it from the link from www.download.com.

I was really happy to find out that the software follows English (Roman) phonetic typing rather than using a new keyboard layout. This was really helpful for me as I didn’t have to learn a new keyboard layout to type in Bangla. The keyboard provides unicode compliant typing which enables it's users to type in Bangla in virtually anywhere on the web.

I will give an example of how easy it is to type in Bangla using ‘Avro’.

If I want to type আমার’ (‘Amar’ which means ‘Mine/My’ in Bangla), all I have to type in 'Avro' is ‘Amar’ using the English keyboard layout and it would bring up the Bangla word ‘আমার’. So, I was literally typing in Bangla using my English typing skills. The ‘Avro’ keyboard layout is followed by a very informative help section which takes the beginners through the start up information and ‘how to’s.

To me, the free keyboard layout has revolutionised the Bangla typing. I have started to write my blog in Bangla. Few other websites including ‘Global Voices’ have been using the keyboard layout, enabling the Bangla bloggers from around the world to blog in Bangla.

The latest version (4.5.1) of ‘Avro’ is heavily loaded with features but some of these could be made optional as not too many people would use them anyway. Also, the software, in its process of evolution, will be able focus more on fonts, skins, converter etc. in future.

Users of 'Avro' would require Internet Explorer 7 or higher and/or Firefox 2 or higher to view the Bangla script online.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Windows Vista SP1 due out this week

Microsoft is due to release Beta version of Service Pack 1 for its operating system Windows Vista. This has been long overdue as anomalies of the operating system has been revealed by its users regularly since the opearating system came in the market. The SP1 is going to focus on fixes rather than the new additions to the original operating system.

According to the blogs of the Vista users from around the globe, along with altered operating system’s desktop-search functionality, Windows Vista Service Pack 1 will include performance enahancements for faster files copying and shut down operation. The Vista’s SP1 will also bring improved transfer performance and decreased CPU utilization via support for SD Advanced Direct Memory Access (DMA); support for ExFat Windows file format for flash memory and other consumer devices; improvements to BitLocker Drive Encryption; the ability to boot Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) on an x64 machine; and improved success rate for firewalled MeetingSpace and Remote Assistance connections.

অদ্ভুত সব দিনগুলি

শুক্রবার থেকে আজ পর্যন্ত স্বপ্নের মত দিন কাটছে। অসাধারণ কিছু সময়। ইবরার এসেছিলো শুক্রবার এ। তিন দিন ছিলো আমার সাথে। অনেক মজা হয়েছে। সেই সুযোগে আমির, মোহিব সবাই এসেছিলো। গত তিন দিন অনেক ঘুরেছি। সারাদিন বাইরে ছিলাম, আবার রাতে ৩টা/৪টা পর্যন্ত আড্ডা দিয়েছি। আজ শরীর খারাপ ছিলো, তাই অফিসে যাই নি। ঘরে বসে আছি। গান শুনছি, চ্যাট করছি, স্বপ্ন দেখছি। আমার ম্যানচেস্টার এর শেষ কটি দিন খুব ভালো কাটছে আলহামদুলিল্লাহ।গত শুক্রবারে আমার এম বি এ লোন এপ্রুভ হলো। আমি খুবই আনন্দিত! আলহামদুলিল্লাহ। ম্যানচেস্টারের বন্ধু রা আমার খুবই কাছের ছিলো, এদের ছেড়ে যেতে খুবই কষ্ট হবে। তবে কিছু পাবার জন্য কিছু তো হারাতে হয়। তাই এ নিয়ে আমি বেশি ভাবছি না। ইনশাল্লাহ আশা করি রয়্যাল হল্যোওয়ে, ইউনিভার্সিটি অফ লন্ডন এ আমার দিন গুলো আনন্দময় হবে। আমার জন্য দোয়া করবেন।

নিটোল পায়ে

মন ভাবে তারে এই মেঘলা দিনে

শীতল কুয়াশাতে তার স্পর্শে

তার রিনিঝিনি নুপুরের সাথে

বাতাসে যেন মৃদু সুবাসে

নিটোল পায়ে রিনিক ঝিনিক

পায়েল খানি বাজে

মাদল বাজে সেই শান্তিতে

শ্যামা মেয়ে নাচে

চাঁদের অধর যেন

তোমার হাসির মাঝে

সোনালী আবেশ তবে

সাগর ধারে

হৃদয়ের মাঝে কবে বেধেছিলে বাঁধন

ভালোবাসা তবে কেন

মনের অগোচরে

তুমি কি আমার বন্ধু

আজ কেন বোঝনি

তুমি কি আমার বন্ধু

আজ ভালোবাসনি

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Knocked UP: Film review

To make a boring bank holiday evening somewhat enjoyable I decided to resort to a romantic comedy called Knocked UP.

The film is about how two young people tackle an unplanned birth of their baby. I don’t know why, but I felt that the movie dragged too long. The childish behaviour of a bunch of youth is all too old after watching a series of American pie movies. But I liked the way the story built up around the struggles of a relationship portrayed in the movie. Feel good end to the movie failed to make my boring evening better. Overall rating 6 out of10.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Film review

'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' was a disappointement following on the expectation from the previous installments. The film lacked the action and the humour that were predominant in the previous episodes. Only consolation is that, I caught a morning show which saved me couple of pounds. Otherwise it would've hurt more...Overall rating 6 out of 10.

আজ 'হ্যারি পটার এন্ড অর্ডার অফ ফিনিক্স' দেখলাম ট্রাফোর্ড সেন্টার এ। ফিল্ম দেখে আমি খুবি হতাশ! আগের পর্বগুলো থেকে এই পর্ব অনেক খারাপ হয়েছে।তেমন কোন একশন বা কৌতুক দৃশ্য নেই। শুধু একটাই স্বান্তনা, আমি সকালের সস্তা শো তে ছবিটা দেখেছি। রেটিং ১০ এ ৬।

Thursday, July 19, 2007

দুরের মানুষ

ধারাবাহিক নাটক ‘রমিজের আয়না’র থিম গান এর কথা আমার ব্লগ এ উপস্থিত করলাম আমার প্রিয় পাঠকদের জন্য। এ গানটির কথা আমার খুবই প্রিয়। ভাগ্যের খোঁজে ঘরছাড়া সব মানুষের স্বপ্নের কথা নিয়ে এ গান।

দুরের মানুষ আসে অচেনা শহর
যন্ত্র নগরে কাটে অবাক প্রহর
অবুঝ চোখেতে তার কত না স্বপন
অজানা বাসনা মনে গহীন গোপন
একাকী পথে হাঁটে সে পাশে চলে ছায়া তার
বন্ধু তো নয়
অচেনা মুখের সারি ভীরুমন ভয়
স্বপ্ন ছোঁয়ার সিড়ি দূরে সরে রয়
দুরের মানুষ চেনা নিজেকে হারায়
অচেনা নিজেকে দেখে চেনা আয়নায়

The theme song 'Durer Manush' of drama series 'Romizer Ayna' is one of my favourites from Habib Wahid's voice. It speaks of the people who have left home for a better life.

Transliteration of the song follows:

Durer manush ashe ochena shohor
Jontro nogore kate obak prohor
Obujh chokhete taar koto na shwapan
Ojana bashona mone gohin gopon
Ekaki pothe haate she pashe chole chaya tar
Bondhu to noy
Ochena mukher shari virumon voi
Shwapno chowar shiri dure shore roy
Durer manush chena nijeke haray
Ochena nijeke dekhe chena aynai

বাংলা !!

আজ আমি বাংলায় ব্লগ লিখছি। আজ আমার জন্য অনেক আনন্দের দিন। প্রিয় বন্ধুগণ, বাংলা ব্লগের ভুবনে আপনাদের স্বাগত জানাই। এখন থেকে আমি বাংলায় মাঝে মাঝে ব্লগ লেখার চেষ্টা করবো। আমার বাংলা টাইপিং এখনো ভালো নয়, তাই যে কোন ভুল বানান ক্ষমার চোখে দেখবেন।
মুহাম্মাদ তানভীর চৌধুরী

I am writing my first blog in Bangla today. It is a very happy day for me! Dear readers, I welcome you to the world of Bangla blogging. I will try to write blogs in Bangla from time to time. My Bangla typing isn't that great yet. So please forgive my spelling mistakes.
Mohammed Tanvir Chowdhury

Monday, July 16, 2007

Minus One: One to go

Today Bangladesh’s former Prime Minister was arrested from her house on charges of extortion. Although I remain cynical about the charge after such a long time, I welcome the arrest. Simply because Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia made my life hell while I was in Bangladesh!

Aside from my personal rejoice & sense of vindication, I think this arrest will bring good for Bangladesh.

Let me explain why, during Hasina’s 5 years tenure as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, I was in school and college. From what I saw, it was an irresponsible continuous protest of couple of months which brought her into power. The protest she made for the caretaker government paralysed the national economy. The BNP government was doing very well in economical development and building the country’s structure. (Unlike their second term, when they looted the country)

After Sheikh Hasina came into power in 1996, she was more interested in using her influences abroad to get honourary degrees rather concentrating on state affairs. Her cabinet (Except Motiya Chowdhury) was full of corrupt people who were there just to make money. One example of this was Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya-his son Dipu Chowdhury terrorised and vandalised Dhaka’s Uttara area quite regularly.

Sheikh Hasina decided to ignore these issues of terrorism and consequently lost miserably in the election.

Khaleda took over the power from her in 2001. Although, Khaleda is the most corrupt and immoral woman Bangladesh has ever produced, Sheikh Hasina did no good to the country by calling blockades and strikes ever so frequently. She was indirectly hiring goons in the streets via her grass roots level activists and killing the opponents. BNP at the same time did the same. ( I just hope that Khaleda gets arrested now). They were killing each other’s activists on the street by beating them up, torching the buses and trains.

For bringing the country into a chaos, indirectly promoting and funding the killings and making Bangladesh a laughing stock in front of the international community, Hasina should be brought to justice.

Apparently Sheikh Hasina argued that, it was her protests which brought the present caretaker goverment into the power, so why is she being tried? In answer to that, I just want to say that, just her protest against BNP doesnt automatically bring an indemnity against the trial which could be formed against her. She is going to get what she deserves for whatever wrongdoings she committed over the last 15 or so years. This is what happens in a fair world and thankfully, it has started to happen in Bangladesh.

Hasina’s son Sajeeb Wazed Joy apparently told the media that, arrest of his mom is a conspiracy against Bangladesh; I have just one thing to say to him, Hasina, Khaleda, Ershad and Nijami were the curses for Bangladesh. They are being removed one by one by the present government. Please stand by them. Let your mum receive what she deserves. Your grandfather Mujib’s dreams are being carried out by this government. So stand by them.

I feel sorry for Hasina’s Husband Dr. Wazed Mia, apparently he fell ill after the arrest. He is a genuine gentleman and a renowned scientist who always stayed away from Bangladesh’s dirty politics. I have great regards for him and hope he gets well soon.

Bangladesh’s politics is minus Hasina now (hopefully): Only Khaleda to go now.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ocean's Thirteen: Film Review

Ocean's Thirteen was just brilliant!!
Well worth watching it.
I can't believe it..the 3rd episode just got better.
Enjoyed every second of the movie.
Rate 9 out of 10

Ali-G Interviews Posh Spice and David Beckham

One of the funniest!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

TourDhaka.com : Website review

Bangladesh has been regarded as the garment capital of the world for the past decade. Dhaka being the capital city of Bangladesh, has been experiencing a huge influx of investors and job seekers from around the globe. A good, resourceful website on the Dhaka city has been a long overdue. At last, now we have a website to get past the basics of Dhaka.

The website is called TourDhaka.com . The website consists of 5 different sections sheding light on the immigration, transport, accommodation, health tips, list of shopping malls, places to go and the emergency and utility contact details.

The website also has a guestbook which can also be used as a blog for the travellers.

This is really funny- Pakistani Hrithik

Monday, July 02, 2007

Djuice Commerical with Bangla lyrics

খুব ইচ্ছে করে আমার রাতের বেলাতে
সব বাঁধা ভেঙ্গেচুরে দুনিয়া দেখতে
সারা বিশ্ব হয়ে যায় আমার নিজের ঘর
খোলা আকাশের নিচে সবাই যাযাবর
আকাশকে জিজ্ঞেস করি তোমায় পাবে কে
তার বিশালতার মাঝে তুমিও হারাবে
রঙ বেরঙ্গের মায়াতে আমি হারিয়ে যাই
নতুন করে জীবনের কি সুখ খুঁজে পাই

Khub ichche kore amar rater belate
Shob badha bhenge chure duniya dekhte
Shara bishwa hoye jai amar nijer ghor
Khola akasher niche shobai jajabor
Akash ke jiggesh kori tomay pabe ke
Tar bishalotar majhe tumio harabe
Rong beronger mayate ami hariye jai
Notun kore jiboner ki shukh khuje pai