Thursday, February 05, 2009

Jammie Dodger: Jacuzzi

I have a new colleague at my workplace. He works in a different department within the same floor but we chat occasionally to keep track of each other’s wellbeing. He is of sub-continental origin-born and brought up in London. I call him Jammie Dodger- purely because of his funny but likeable character.

Jammie Dodger tells us stories that keep all of us at work going in the difficult times. He loves to share his amazing stories. As I have taken the sombre oath of keeping my blog readers entertained, I hereby will share some of his stories.

One of the first stories of Jammie Dodger is of his unique experience at his local gym on the night before his ‘A’ level physics exam.

He apparently decided to go to his local gym to use the Jacuzzi to ‘let off’ some steam before the difficult physics exam. So there he was in his shorts ‘letting off’ steam. Then he in his own words ‘nodded off’. After a while he woke up with the sound of giggling all around him. He woke up and found out that there were about 7-8 girls in the Jacuzzi and all were staring at his shorts with seductive smiles. He looked down and found out that his manhood had snaked out through the passage of shorts and with the waves of Jacuzzi it created an illusion of swaying from one side to the other. He then quickly tucked his manhood back inside the shorts and walked off the place.

He didn’t do very well in that physics exam the next morning as he kept thinking about the girls checking out his manhood!