Sunday, June 01, 2008

Digital Mapping of Dhaka

Digital mapping of Dhaka is going on in full force. The main areas of Dhaka has already been mapped, and the rest are under process. Google Map is pioneering the project.
If one just types Uttara, Dhaka on Google Map or Google Earth, he/she will be directed to the area straightaway. The main roads are clearly marked as well.
Satellite Navigation in Bangladesh is not so far away now.


Rezwan said...

Great to hear that. Some Japanese reconditioned cars comes with fitted in Sattellite Navigation.

But still some commercial ventures should come forward to make them available in Bangladesh.

I wonder how the markets in India are doing in this field. Their 1st GPS Navigation System looks promising at 16000 INR.

TanvIr ChoWdhury said...

16000 INR sounds very expensive to me compared to the european price!