Saturday, March 29, 2008

Apple Safari for Windows

Safari for Windows is another product which shows Apple’s intention to gradually muscle into PC users’ domain. The browser is as fast as Firefox-if not faster. It has some attributes like spell check and fully Unicode compliance which were unavailable in Firefox. But for non-English speaking countries, Safari would still be a secondary browser as it doesn’t allow its users to add new fonts to read foreign scripts. Internet explorer is the only browser which allows this option at the moment. Firefox is a very secured browser. Only time will tell whether Safari would be as safe a browser as Firefox or not. The Safari interface allows to play with the tabbed browsing as well. But it’s not a major breakthrough and won’t change the internet using experience a great deal. Firefox enjoys a backing of lot of performance enhancing add-ons. I failed to find such interesting add-ons for Safari on the Apple website.

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