Thursday, February 28, 2008 Personal desktop on the web

Today I have discovered the website, the website provides to build a virtual desktop pc environment for its subscribers. Offered by Luxembourg-based start-up Jooce, it is being billed as a way of personalising any computer. Jooce is targeting the estimated 500 million people who log on to the internet from a cybercafé every day.

I have been using the website for past couple of days to check its usability. I am not yet 100% impressed with its service. The website requires a very high bandwidth connection which is not available in most of the developing countries where most of the cybercafés are. I was quite frequently getting disconnected while uploading my documents to the website's server.

The folder options are quite good-easy to organise. The website has its own media player to play music and videos. So, the users don't need to rely on the cybercafés' media players.

The website also allows its users to log on to popular instant messenger through its server. I have used Windows Live Messenger using the service, but there was difficulty in transferring the contacts. Yahoo! Messenger, on the other hand, didn't work at all.

Overall, it's a good initiative by the people behind to provide the 'CyberNomads' with a flavour of home PC wherever they are, but the service still has a long way to go before it can reap its potential.

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