Thursday, February 14, 2008

Decentralized Prosperity

IQBAL QUADIR AT LSEIqbal Quadir is in London now. I have just got back from his lecture at London of School of Economics. Today he gave a lecture on the importance of decentralization. He also discussed his new project on producing low cost power generators for rural areas in Bangladesh. Although it was not the first time I heard his speech, I was amazed by his way of thinking. His way of thinking and his ability to develop concept about social engineering was really interesting.
The Q&A session after the lecture was really interesting as a lot people from the audience threw questions at him from different angles and it was really interesting the way he tackled the questions.
Special thanks to Saif Quader who organized the event!
Dr. Muhammad Yunus is coming to LSE tomorrow. Tickets are all sold out!


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