Saturday, August 04, 2007


"Allah has given us mouths, so He will give us food," that was Monwara’s answer to the question about her future amidst the flood.

John Sudworth of BBC took a tour to the worst affected areas of Sirajgonj district in Bangladesh. He came across the upbeat Bangladeshis who are used to face natural calamities. To his surprise, he found out, these poor Bangladeshis possess a somehow philosophical view towards life. They brave the calamities and rebuild everything they lose over and over again, year by year.

This is what amazes me about these people. The Bangladeshi villagers never get frustrated. They have no idea what depression is. They only know one thing-how to fight. I have lived many years in Bangladesh and I came across these people with enormous fighting spirit day by day. I used to draw inspiration from them in my difficult times. Mr Sudworth rightly pointed out that faith is playing a vital role behind their inspirations. Islam is a comprehensive religion which requires absolute faith in God. The absolute faith in God is keeping these people going, they never lose hope and they never give up.

The BBC article by John Sudworth can be found by clicking here.

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