Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Human origin

Right now, my little head is puzzled with questions about human origin after reading a BBC article today.
The BBC article reads,

"Two hominid fossils discovered in Kenya are challenging a long-held view of human evolution.

The broken upper jaw-bone and intact skull from humanlike creatures, or hominids, are described in Nature.

Previously, the hominid Homo habilis was thought to have evolved into the more advanced Homo erectus, which evolved into us.

Now, habilis and erectus are now thought to be sister species that overlapped in time.

The new fossil evidence reveals an overlap of about 500,000 years during which Homo habilis and Homo erectus must have co-existed in the Turkana basin area, the region of East Africa where the fossils were unearthed.

"Their co-existence makes it unlikely that Homo erectus evolved from Homo habilis," said co-author Professor Meave Leakey, palaeontologist and co-director of the Koobi Fora Research Project. "

My question is, if the co-existense of Homo habilis and Homo erectus means that Homo erectus could not have evolved from Homo habilis, then why do people think human beings evolved from monkeys while they co-exist to date? Monkeys are still giving birth to monkeys, not human beings.

Am I just missing a clue somewhere?

The original BBC article can be found by clicking here.


Rizvi said...

I have just read the article myself and its quite interesting!According to the 'Natural Selection' theory proposed by Darwin, there are many Genus of Homo-noide but because of adaptability and ability to learn new skill gave some sub-species of human to be dominant and hence survive against natural selection imposed by the surrounding. Hence the weaker species could not survive the natural selection and hence could not successfully breed, thus the subsequent extinction of the Sub species!!

Well I'm not a scientist...but this is my general dictum on this matter..

Mohammed Tanvir Chowdhury said...

Thanks for the comment Rizvi, but that didn't answer my question. I do understand the logic behind the evolution theory, but then again, according to the BBC article, as i have written in my blog, two human sub species which are thought to have evolved from one another couldn't have lived at the same time. Then how can the monkeys and are human beings are co-existing today?(According to the evolution theory monkeys evolved into human being) Does that not prove the theory of evolution illogical?

I am not a scientist either, I am just trying to think it rationally.

Rizvi said...

I agree too, the simple question is how come primates such as Chimps (who are 98% genetically identical to us)have not evolved or gone extinct!! Well this argument is valid but there is an argument for and against this point! The argument against the fact that existence of primates such as chimps side by side as us (Homo Sapiens)kind of nullify one main point we have not EVOLVED from monkeys!! This I totally agree!! But this does not mean that other sub species of human did not did and thru natural selection and adaptations the best sub species prevailed and became what we are now Homo Sapiens!!

I think one problem that non Muslim scientist have that they use the word "Same" and "Similar" word to mean the same context....Just because monkeys have 98% of the genetic code same as us Homo Sapien does not mean we are same...we may be similar....this is a significant point that non Muslim scientist intentionally or unintentionally confuse two terms for the same!!

For example: To get a first Class degree you are required to get 80% marks. SO assume two students, one gets 80% and the other 78%. Thus one student gets 1st Class and the other 2nd Class (2:1). So with regard to their total marks you may say that they have achived "SIMILAR" marks (80% , 78%) but NOT "SAME" marks. This simple use of words makes a complete change in context!! The evolutionary concept is true to some effect but to say we have evolved from primates such as chimps will be a gross misuse and mis interpretation of the adaption and natural selection concepts.

I'm not sure if I had managed to answer your question but hope it have given you some incite to the evolutionary concept in context to Homo Sapiens.

Mohammed Tanvir Chowdhury said...

thanks for your comment rizvi.

Rizvi said...

You are welcome Tanvir.