Saturday, August 25, 2007

Animosity in University of Dhaka

The student activists of the corrupted political parties are at it again. Just when I started to think that they have been silenced, they have just shown there evil might again.

Following on from my previous blog, I spoke to a few students of University of Dhaka (DU). Below, there are some findings from the conversations:

  • The police did raid the halls, but contrary to the reports of student bashing, they didn’t actually beat up any student on the second day of clash. But police did fire tear gas shells in the halls on the 3rd day of the clash.
  • Most of the students involved in the clash were from the Arts faculty. The Arts faculty mainly draws students from rural areas of Bangladesh. The students from those areas are usually really poor. When they move to Dhaka, they look for some quick cash. And as ever, the corrupted politicians invite them to join the student politics in exchange of money and power and a relatively good lifestyle. The students, who are new to the city environment, happily accept the offer and get involved in the immoral student politics of Bangladesh.
  • The print and electronic media are heavily biased and most of the time publish and broadcast news in favour of their political godfathers. And, for obvious reasons, they usually play a silent role publishing the news against their godfathers.
  • The political activists living at Zia Hall were breaking the wall of the roof and were throwing the brick from the broken wall at the police; did they really think the police were going to kiss their feet after that?
  • The student activists of the political parties with the help from some corrupted teachers locked the doors of the Zia Hall after an evacuation order from the government. This was done because the activists knew police were going to raid the hall and charge the students. This would ultimately have created a public issue and would have put the Caretaker Govt. (CTG) in a difficult position in front of public eyes.
  • The student culture of DU have been totally destroyed with the students being heavily involved in politics, this has shattered dreams of thousands of genuine students who have to come to study and build a successful career from studying at this premier education establishment of Bangladesh.
  • The student politics should be banned from all education establishments in Bangladesh to prevent of re-emergence of this kind of situation again.
  • A few teachers of DU are corrupted and always kissing the feet of the political parties for their personal benefits. These teachers were appointed following their political allegiance and they are proving to be a harmful substance within the universities across the country. These teachers should be identified and removed as soon as possible to bring the quality learning environment back in DU.
  • The 6-7 months presence of Army in DU had brought stability within DU. There was no procession, no delays in exam for political reasons and there were no clashes between the different groups of students belonging to different political parties. It was a breath of fresh air. So, although some army personnel did make mistake during the last few days’ incident, some credit should be given to them.
  • Finally, I’ve got a question for everyone involved in the clash. According to Bangladesh Penal Code, what’s the maximum punishment for picking a fight? I’m not a legal expert, but I am sure it can’t be more than couple of months of prison term. Was this small incident really worthy of bringing the whole country into a standstill? Why are the Bangladeshis so impatient?

After thinking about the incidents that took place in Bangladesh over the last few days, I have come to the conclusion that only animals can react to a small incident like ‘manhandling’ and make it such a big issue and cause trouble in peoples’ lives. What mistake did the car owners of Dhaka commit for which their cars were burnt? The student activists of the political parties have turned into animals and they should be caged as soon as possible. I urge the CTG to take strong steps against the people behind the chaos and give them exemplary punishment so that no one ever thinks of causing this kind of disruption again.

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