Sunday, August 26, 2007

Akbar's Restaurant: Review

I went to Akbar’s Restaurant in Manchester with couple of friends this evening. We had to wait for about half an hour to be seated, the restaurant was really packed and I had to get myself a drink and seat in the waiting room with friends. The waiting lounge was average.

After being guided to our table we were asked for the orders. We had ordered the food.

Below is the review of the food we experienced in Akbar’s:


We ordered 3 starters, first of them was Chicken Nambali. It was Breast of chicken pieces marinated, grilled and finally garnished with melting cheese. Served with fried onions, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes. It was totally new stuff for us and we liked it. Tasted great, although it would’ve tasted even better if it was spicier.

Then we tried lamb chops. They were delicious and spicy. The best lamb chops I ever had. Really tender and succulent.

We also tried Grilled Salmon. It didn’t taste all that different from the Bangladeshi fishes with all the spices on it.

Main Course:

We ordered the Chef Special Akbar-E-Balti. It was a combination of chicken, lamb, mushroom & potatoes cooked with fresh spices & ingredients-garnished with fresh coriander. It read great in the menu but didn’t taste as great.

We heard about the special Chicken Biryani of Akbar’s so we decided to give it a go. It wasn’t all that different from the local take away biryanis.

And our same old Chicken Rogan Josh tasted the same as the ones we have tried in any other restaurants.


Akbar’s doesn’t have a great choice in desserts in the menu. We ordered Chocolate Bambino which was hot chocolate fudge cake, served with vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce. We also tried different ice creams and Chocolate Chip Brownie. All tasted good.

We also tried Mango Lassi, which wasn’t the best lassi I’ve ever tasted. I have had better lassi in the restaurants in Rusholme.

Overall, Akbar’s restaurant was pretty inventive in their Starters menu, but the main course and desserts menu were just average. I find that in quite a lot of Indian/Bangladeshi/Pakistani restaurants these days. They all have great starter menu but lack the X factor in their main courses.

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