Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dhaka Zoo

I went to Dhaka Zoo along with my two brothers today.

I haven’t been to Dhaka Zoo in about 15 years. It has changed a lot for better. The animals are kept in a lot better condition. The zoo had most of the animals one would like to see in a zoo apart from a giraffe.

The zoo are has a massive area. It has a zoological survey institute, a fish aquarium, a zoological museum apart from the animals and the birds. I was almost ecstatic to see the piranha fish in the aquarium.

I was also lucky to see a peacockl spreading its feathers. Took a couple of pictures of the pea-foul, but the pictures didn’t come out good as I took them from behind the cages. It’s a really lovely scene to see a peacock spreading the feathers. I’ll never forget the experience.

The zoo has a massive collection of animals including tiger, cheetah, leopard, hippo, crocs, zebra, monkeys, rhino, lion, elephant and different kinds of snakes.

Dhaka Botanical garden was just next door to the zoo, unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to go there.

One thing I felt that was really needed in the zoo was the guide map for the zoo. Since the zoo is spread over a massive area it’s really easy for someone to get lost there. We got lost a few times. If we had a map it would’ve been really handy.

A good day to remember, would like to visit again.

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