Monday, February 19, 2007

In India

Finally I am in India. Arrived at Netaji Subhash Chandra Basu International Airport of Kolkata at half past eight in the evening. Hired a pre-paid taxi from the airport to Park Street where we had to roam around for an hour to find a good hotel. The Taxi driver who claimed to be a Bangladeshi who migrated to India 25 years ago tried to con us by taking to hotel of his choice and get his commission from the hotel. We managed to fool the guy and after a long search managed to find a hotel of our choice. The hotel owner was a muslim, therefore, we were able to eat the meat from the hotel’s restaurant. Miraz and I went for a walk on the busy Park Street of Kolkata after dinner. I must say as a city, Dhaka is lot better than Kolkata. On the way from airport I was nearly throwing up from all the smell on the street. Although the streets are cleaner than Dhaka, the drains make the roads really smelly. The roads are really narrow and hardly have any footpath. Looks like the Kolkata has been neglected by the Indian government big time since its independence from the British.

We have already made good friends at the hotel. Iqbal Bhai from the hotel took us to a nearby shop to do some grocery shopping at 11pm.

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