Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Woke up early in the morning. Then decided to go and check out the city. Went to Chowrangi. I was really disappointed to see the city centre. We then went to Biman office to change the flight to Bangladesh for wednesday night. Went to some shops and was disappointed to see their collection. We decided to go Delhi in the afternoon to make our journey worthwhile. Coming to India just to see Kolkata proved to be pointless. We went to the airport straightway and booked tickets for Air Sahara to Delhi. Luckily flight was delayed and we managed to get the flight. We then had to phone Biman office again to change the flight back to Bangladesh to Thursday night. We arrived Indira Gandhi Airport of Delhi at 7ish and went to India Tourism office. They booked us a hotel and got us a Taxi to the hotel. On the way to the hotel I was having a chat with the driver in Hindi. I was really surprised to have realised that, I was speaking in fluent Hindi! My friend Miraz was shocked and couldn’t believe his ears!! The taxi driver asked me whether I learnt Hindi at school. Having found out that, it was the first time I was speaking in Hindi, he was surprised too. I was really happy and it looked like watching the Hindi films finally paid off.

Anyway, we went to Hotel Megha Palace, the hotel was nice and the food was nice too. We went for a walk in the evening, by now I was in full form and were speaking Hindi in near native accent. Then we started to plan for the next day.

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