Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blasphemy Versus Freedom of Speech

I have just been reading an article on I have long been an admirer of the website for promoting free thoughts. But after reading the article on today I was really furious. I always promote and encourage fear free journalism and literature. But the time has come today to define free literature.

To me, no one has the right to hurt another person’s feelings in the name of freedom of literature. The article we are discussing today has portrayed an imaginary interview of Hajrat Ayesha (R) who is the wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The content of the imaginary interview is satirical and is bound to hurt the feelings of practicing Muslims.

The Muslims believe that, no human being has the right to criticize or defame the Prophet (PBUH). The love for the prophet is absolute in every practicing Muslim’s mind. And it’s termed as an intolerable offence to defame the Prophet (PBUH). Most of the Muslim countries would have tried the writer for the imaginary interview.

Anyway, I am sure that Allah gives everyone what he deserves and no one can take away the honour that had been bestowed upon the Prophet and his family. I also pray that Allah gives every single human being the knowledge of Islam and bring the infidels in to the path of Islam.

I just want to remind the author that, no one likes his family member to be insulted. To the Muslims the Prophet (PBUH) is much more than a family. So please don’t try to hurt the Muslims by defaming the prophet or his family.

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