Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Where's the party yaar?

I watched "Where's the Party Yaar?"this afternoon on TV. The film is about an Indian guy who goes to USA as a student. Then he gets into all sorts of trouble including falling in love with an American born and raised Indian girl. Obviously, being a FOB (Fresh off the boat) he was prejudiced everywhere he went. In the mean time he had to leave his uncle's house as he didn't get on with his cousin who was also raised in America. The film shows the culture of the American Desis. And how someone from India tries to get on with the US culture. The whole film was shot in the USA apart from few minutes at the beginning. Most of the crew were American born South-Asians so the film had a flavour of originality. The whole film was in English. I think the film had a very good touch of reality which matched my personal experience in UK to some extent.

I would ask all the students who are planning to go to a western country from South-Asian countries to watch the movie. The quality of the movies isn't all that good, but the message within the movie will be helpful for the people who are planning to study in a western country. It will help them to have an idea of who would be your friend and who wouldn't.

From my own experience, I have always found the 'White' colleagues more helpful and friendly than my 'British-Desi' colleagues. But having said that, I was blessed with some wonderful friends who were born and raised in UK, who had accepted me cordially at the Uni. Namely Junaid, Amir, Mohib and Ibrar. They never treated me as a FOB but they treated me as a true friend. But I don't think everyone gets that lucky, though. So I would ask all the students who are going to a western country from a South-Asian country to be friends with fellow international students and the 'White' students (it's positive discrimination) and keep away from South-Asian students who are born and raised in the west until you can find friends like the friends I had.

I also watched Ice Age and Ice Age: The Meltdown in the evening. I don't think the movies were fantastic. Just average animation films. Shrek is still topping my list of favourite animation movies.

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