Saturday, December 30, 2006


We bought a cow today for the Qurbani. That’s not what this blog is about. It’s about how we brought the cow from the cattle market to our house. I’ll remember this day for rest of my life. Let’s jump into the journey from cattle market to home then..

Me, my dad, Bindi, Towhid and Nuru went to cattle market this evening. We bought the cow from the cattle market of sector 6, Uttara. After we bought the cow, while we were waiting to end the formalities of the buying, the cow scared a boy and the boy dropped about 50 notes of 500 taka. They were all in the mud. We were all laughing at him, little did we know about our imminent future!

We had to cross a dual carriageway to get home. The dual carriageway is about a mile away from our house. We managed to cross the dual carriageway with some difficulties, as soon as we went on the pavement, a taxi cab beeped at the cow and the cow went erratic. It pulled all three of its strings and ran away from us. In the process it dragged Bindi to the ground. He had bruises all over his body. So I told him to go home. The cow then ran in front of a bus and got hit by the bus. Luckily the driver stopped the bus, so nothing bad happened. I was running after the cow, but as soon as I saw the bus hitting the cow I ran to save my own life! The cow jumped over a 4 feet tall barrier of the dual carriageway then started eating grass on the other side of the road. Towhid jumped across the barrier, and got hold of the cow. Then Nuru and I went to get the cow as well.

We hired another man from the cattle market to take the cow home. So it was 4 of us now-me, Towhid, Nuru and the hired guy. It was a 2 hour struggle to get the cow home for all of us. We walked about 1 mile more than the usual 1 mile just to avoid heavy traffic. We had to stop every 10 yards just to avoid the cow getting mental! We were walking down the pavement; the cow suddenly started running and hit 3 guys in front of us again. I thought we were going to get beaten up by those people! Luckily they didn’t say anything. We then had to go through the quietest of the roads possible to avoid traffic and got home eventually. Knackered, exhausted- my heart was beating @ 120 per minute.

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Tanvir. I. Kamal said...

Hell Bro! What an experience! everything's clear...u know what? I thought u r still in UK when I read the blog juist beore this one..And i was wondering how come this crazy boy bought a Cow there!!! Well...Good to know u r in BD and spending great time with ur family! And I'm just spending my time here in Sydney..Shame eh!. But...anyway..Life's like that! Eid Mubaraq Bro!