Sunday, December 24, 2006

A better day for the Bangladeshis

Awami League led14-alliance have agreed to participate in the election with the current voter list. This is amazing to the people who know the Awami League style of politics. I am really surprised!! I am becoming a fan of Awami League now. They have learnt a lot since the last election! The people of Bangladesh now know that whoever rules the country is going to be corrupted, and they accept it. Awami League now also understand that people aren't so much bothered who rules the country as long as they can feel safe when they go to bed after hard work of the day. I congratulate 14-alliance for making such a wise decision. In future Awami League should learn from this lesson and avoid violent protests in the street. It will do them a world of good. People don't like hortals (strike) anymore.

Another encouraging news is, Bangladesh Bank today forecast the economy would grow 7.1 percent in the current fiscal year through June, a record projection for Bangladesh. I think this is a record amongst the third world country. At this rate Bangladesh should be a medium income country by 2015 Inshallah.

The central bank was cautious, though. Resident economic adviser to Bangladesh Bank Syed M Ahsan said such high growth is possible only if politics remain stable and uninterrupted power along with other backup facilities for agriculture are ensured.

GDP growth has been projected between 6.6 percent and 7.1 percent for fiscal 2006-07.

Growth was 6.7 percent in the last fiscal year against the central bank's projection of 6.3 percent to 6.8 per cent. This performance was solely achieved by the private entrepreneurs and the foreign remittance. (This is not a success story of BNP government, they were too busy making their own fortune while they were in power)

One thing BNP can claim credit for is the formation of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB). This force was formed using the members of police and army. Although, RAB has been blamed for extra judiciary killing, they have done a lot for security in the streets of Bangladesh. In my area, Uttara, they have managed to reduce robbery significantly. And the people who were killed by RAB were all culprits, I haven't heard a good person being killed by RAB yet. Those who don't understand why RAB have been killing criminals extra judicially have to understand Bangladeshi political situation.

Every single robber, hijacker, terrorist in Bangladesh has a political link. Whenever they get arrested, their godfathers use their influence on the judiciary system to get those terrorist out of jail. This obviously frustrates the security forces who put their lives at risk to catch those terrorists. This frustration leads to the extra judiciary killing by RAB. In a corrupted political environment like Bangladesh's this is the best way to get rid of the social demons. Like I said in my previous day's blog-Extreme situation demands extreme measures.

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