Monday, November 20, 2006

Iraq: Another India?

I have just finished watching the news on TV. The USA is proposing to break Iraq down into 3 parts. The northern part will be for the Kurds, the middle part for the Sunnis and the southern part for the Shias. I am absolutely disgusted at this proposal. At first the USA and its allies attacked a sovereign country (for WMD!!). They completely destroyed the country for no good reason. Then they failed to restructure and reunite the country. So they decided to break the country down into 3 different parts!

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a plan of the USA well before they invaded Iraq so that they could destroy a strong and oil rich country in Middle-East. This suspicion arises as the USA and its allies couldn’t find the alleged WMD they claimed that Iraq possessed.

I am also surprised to follow up the incidents as they developed in Iraq. The Shias and Sunnis never had such a large scale fighting under Saddam’s regime. (And he was the dictator/killer/oppressor) But now under USA’s patronised ‘fair and just’ government failed to stop them from infighting. This certainly raises a concern which had been around in every Muslim’s thought. The question is, did the Americans or their spies incited the violence from within the Iraqi people, so that they could keep the unrest alive within the population and destroy the harmony of the people within the country?

It has been proposed that, since the Sunni dominated areas don’t have much of the oil resource, their will be an amendment in the Iraqi constitution so that even after the partition of Iraq, the Sunnis will get a share of the petrodollar. I doubt Kurds and Shias will accept this amendment to the constitution.

I would like to draw an analogy of British India here. Prior to the partition of British India into India and Pakistan, the similar sort of violence had erupted between the Muslims and Hindus. There were riots and killings all over India. Although Mahatma Gandhi was adamant not to let India break into pieces, he had to give in to Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s lust for power. Jinnah wanted a separate Muslim country of which he would be the head. Realising Jinnah’s lust for power, Mahatma offered Jinnah the Prime Minister’s post for the undivided India, Jinnah refused again, this time the reason was, he realised that if he were to accept the offer, the capital of the whole country would be in Calcutta or in Delhi instead of Karachi. He wanted to have a country of which the capital would be Karachi. Moreover, I don’t think he was mentally able enough to head a huge and diverse country like undivided India. And above all he was suffering from cancer during that time which he successfully hid from everyone. The illness would've had a serious impact on his mental strength. So he repeatedly asked for the partition of India. This partition created a huge mess, as the history books depict. Many people both Hindus and Muslims were homeless overnight and had to leave their country at once. They had become refugees overnight. Lots of people got killed, raped, tortured on the way to India from Pakistan and vice versa.

The British had a simple strategy: divide and rule. To date Pakistan and India are enemies. Moreover when India was divided, Pakistan was supposed get share of India’s resources according to the deal of the partition, but as soon as the British left, India stopped honouring that deal as they were not under the British rule anymore therefore, they didn’t have to honour those deals. With the division of India into two different countries, the British succeded to diffuse a potential superpower, moreover they managed to create rivalry between two countries.

I would request the citizen of the world to look back and learn from the history, this proposed sharing of assets in divided Iraq will never work as it never worked between India and Pakistan. Moreover the west is creating another set of rival neighbouring countries which would cause great deal of disruption to the world peace like India and Pakistan did over the years.

In the end, right now, I don’t know how to solve this problem in Iraq. The huge mess the USA and its allies have created, they have to find out a better solution than just dividing the whole Iraq. Because I don’t think dividing Iraq will solve anything, rather the fighting will intensify.

May I also add that, I am not an anti-American or anti-west; I sincerely acknowledge the inventions and socio-economic systems the West has brought into this modern world since the renaissance which benefited the citizens of the world including the Muslims. The text above is my observation of the incidents concerning Iraq. Any comments or counter arguments are most welcome.

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