Thursday, November 02, 2006

C'est la vie

I have had another average day today. Went out in Uttara to get few stuff. Thats all. This huge amount of recess is giving me enough time for some low level philosophical thought. I also have enough time to look back at the days that have gone past in my life.

One thing I have noticed in my life was that, we always try to get closer to some people who do not deserve to be liked by any human being.

The reason I am writing this blog today is, I have noticed that in my life, I have tried to get closer to some people at times not realising that, those people are not decent enough to be friends with any human being. And when I realised that I shouldn't have tried to be friends with those people, it was too late by then.

I first experienced this when I was in England. Although I met some really good people at work, at uni and within the extended family, I saw the dark side of human nature in some people, who really surprised me. Especially within my extended family, although I had some really good relatives, I saw some really corrupted minded people who really surprised me with their dubious way of thinking and acting.

As the wise saying goes, Live and learn. Hope that applies in my life too.

Miraz is here to stay over tonight.

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