Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What a day !!

My brother Tawhid dropped his fish bowl and cut his both hands in few places. I had to take him to hospital. He needed 7 stiches on one hand. It was a real mess. Both his hands are now bandaged.

Some strange thoughts are crossing my mind.
Amar mone hoi Allah'r kono odvut plan ache amake nie. Ami gobhir agroho nie tar plan dekhar jonno opekkha korchi. Ami jante chai, kivabe amar mrittu hobe, kivabe bie hobe (adou hobe kina) , ami kothay chakri korbo, ittadi. Shob kichu uni thik kore rekhechen, kintu ami tar kichui jani na. Emonki andaz o korte parchi na. Khub odvut!!

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