Sunday, September 10, 2006

Quiet Sunday

Went to city centre to buy a Jacket. Ended up buying a pair of jeans and a pair of shoe. So much for my planning skills.

Been having a really quiet day, wasn't feeling well last night. So I think I'll go slow before the week starts again. Only couple of weeks left before I go Dhaka Inshallah. Hoping to celebrate Eid with family after 6 years.

Hoping to watch all the matches of ICC champions trophy.

Downloaded Habib's "Bhalo Bashbo". I have listened to song for 3 straight hours. It was on repeat on windows media player. I am addicted to the song.

Watching Shallow Hal on Channle 5...looks like a girls' movie. Changing the channel now..

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Edward Ott said...

listening to one song over and over again is so much easier now with mp3s.