Saturday, September 16, 2006

Habib - Bhalo Bashbo (Lyrics)

I am addicted to this song.The song is by Habib Wahid who sung it for the movie 'Hridoyer Kotha'.
Amazing song. I have been listening to the song for last one week day in day out and still can't get enough.

I have had numerous requests to translate the meaning of the lyrics. I am not a poet/lyricist, therefore, I am not confident enough to translate such a lovely piece of work in English.

Below is the transliteration of lyrics of the Song.

Bhalo Bashbo re bondhu tomay jotone
Amar moner ghore chander alo chuiya chuiya pore
Pushe rakhbore bondhu tomay jotone

Dudhe alta gayer boron rup je kancha shona
Anchol diya dhaika raikho chokh jeno pore na

Ami prothom dekhe pagol hoilam
Monto aar mane na
Kache aisho bondhu premer karone

Bhalo baisho re bondhu amay jotone

Nishi bhore jonak nache monero gohin bone
Shopno dekhao bondhu tumi niguro alingone
Tomay maya dilam shohag dilam nilam apon kore
Pashe thakbore bondhu tomar karone
Bhalo bashbore bondhu tomay jotoneভালোবাসবো বাসবো রে বন্ধু তোমায় যতনে
আমার মনের ঘরে চাঁদের আলো চুইয়া চুইয়া পড়ে
পুষে রাখবো রাখবো রে বন্ধু তোমায় যতনে
দুধে আলতা গায়ের বরণ রূপ যে কাঁচা সোনা
আচল দিয়া ঢাইকা রাইখো চোখ যেন পড়ে না
আমি প্রথম দেখে পাগল হইলাম
মন যে আর মানে না
কাছে আইসো বন্ধু প্রেমের কারণে
ভালোবাইসো রে বন্ধু আমায় যতনে
নিশি ভোরে জোনাক নাচে মনের গহীন বনে
স্বপ্ন দেখ বন্ধু তুমি নিগুঢ় আলিংগনে
তোমায় মায়া দিলাম সোহাগ দিলাম
নিলাম আপন করে
পাশে থাকব রে বন্ধু তোমার কারণে
ভালোবাসবো রে বন্ধু তোমায় যতনে


Tiasha said...

I know this is totally random, but I've been looking for the correct lyrics for that song for weeks & this entry of yours popped up in a Google search.

Just wanted to say it's totally awesome that you've written them out... Though I've never seen the movie, the song really is amazing.

Anonymous said...


I stumbled upon this song, but my Bangla is terrible and I really want to know the meaning of the words, can you please post it!


Emaya said...

I'm just wondering if you could translate this song. I love the way it sounds, I wish I could understand what it meant. Could you please do that?
Take care

Anonymous said...

I wish somebody could please translate this beautiful song. My Bangla isn't the best.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much. gor the video n lyrics. lyrics mad nice and i love the song. thnx

qazq said...

hey if u still check this can u please please please make a instrumental within 3-5 days?? please if u can do this i would be so happy.

TanvIr ChoWdhury said...

Dear qazq, i'm not sure what you mean by make an instrumental!
plz explain

qazq said...

its like a karaoke, u kno just the music and no words, thank u for helping.

TanvIr ChoWdhury said...

dude, i'm not a musician. i cant make an instrumental or a karaoke version of the song..i'm just a mere blogger who happened to like the song..

qazq said...

thanks anyways

alinuru' s blog said...

Tanvir: How about some more songs. I'm also totally addicted to Habib Wahid and Firdous Wahid. I don;t speak Bangali but I am familiar with other south Asian Languages and Poetry. Please put up some more lyrics. Perhaps I can work with a BanglaBhai where I am (NYC) and we can work on translations for all of us. Unless you know of someone who has done this already. Salaam.

TanvIr ChoWdhury said...

Yeah, sure, I'm up for it!!

Anonymous said...

I loooove this song!!!! it remind me wen i went bak home...another song from that movie Jai din Jai fav song!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey--just wanted to say thx for posting these lyrics in literation----as my husband (who is not bangali) and i can't read bangla(tho, i am bangali)-------My husband found this movie (which was stupid!); but this song has become one of our FAVS!!

we don't quite understand it----but the emotions w/in it makes us feel a kin to it!

once again, THX

and ciao for now!

ps i thought "bondu" meant a male friend-----why is he singing to a female?

Tanvier Chowdhury said...

'bondhu' can be used for female as well. the word 'bandhobi' is less used in songs.

Anonymous said...

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