Friday, September 01, 2006

Great Day !!

Have been trying to do a clean reinstall of windows xp pro on my laptop for last few days. But have not been able to delete the hard disc partition. A real Pain!! But the laptop is faster than it was before anyway.

Junaid had an accident couple of days ago. His car is a write off, but luckily he escaped with minor injuries.

Got the finance for Bangladesh sorted. Looking forward to a great journey.

I have a plan to visit India with my brother Towhid. Planning to go Dhaka-Kolkata-New Delhi-Mumbai-Goa-Kolkata-Dhaka. It should be fun.

Saw few good package holidays for Nepal, Bangkok,Singapore and Malaysia as well. If time and finance permits may try those places.

Hoping to have a great time in Bangladesh Inshallah. May Allah fulfil all my good wishes and refrain me from anything bad.

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