Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Autumn homecoming

I am taking a year out. More or less final. Not in the mood of studying this year. I will do my postgrad next year Inshallah.

My cousin Kashmir's death anniversary today.

I don't remember much about her. She used to go to my playgroup with me in Chittagong as I wasn't really keen on going on my own. She used to sit with me inside the playgroup until the day was over.

She got married in our house. I still remember her Mehndi night. Me, Jasmin Apa, Shurid Bhai, Shoeb Bhai and Suraiya Apu all were up till late night decorating our house. Her wedding took place in a club called 'Festival' on O. R. Nizam Road, Chittagong.

Right after her wedding she came back to UK. Next time I saw her was on the wedding of my cousin Robel. Didn't get a chance to speak to her properly that time. But I remember she filled the application form for my passport renewal.

I pray to Allah that she is granted Jannah in the afterlife.

Today is also the death anniversary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

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