Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ajob Jibon

Abar 5 diner chuti niechi, kichui bhalo lage na. Tai thik korechi 5 din ghore boshe thakbo.

Ajke HSBC te ekta account open korlam. Pore MBA loan nite hole apply korte parbo Inshallah.

MBA korar jonno kono utshaho pachi na. Ichcha korche deshe chole jete. Amar Alo nibhe geche. MBA kore ki hobe? Adhar jibone MBA kono poriborton anbe bole mone hoi na.

Khub valobasha pete iche korche. Apon manushder kache jete icha korche. Deshe jete parle bhalo hoto. Mone hoe shohosha jete parbo na.

Naki shob chere deshe chole jabo? Bujhte parchi na.

I've just realised that If I leave UK tomorrow, the thing I'll miss the most is my guitar. Amazing, considering that I've only had the guitar for just over a month or so.

I also found out that, I can get a free return ticket to Dhaka with Emirates using my Skywards miles.

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