Friday, July 21, 2006

Another eventful day

Woke up in the morning and phoned Royal Holloway, University of London Management Schoo. Spoke to Professor David Faulkner, he advised me that I have been offered unconditionally for MBA INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT.

Good start of a day. Then I called Graduation Services to return my graduation robe and I was told that I'll have to pay for the postage of the robes. I was really angry at that. I am not going to pay for the postage of the robe.

Spoke to Samdani online, had a catch up session. Now will be heading for Mosque for Jum'a Inshallah.

Just phoned home, my brother is not well, suffering from high fever. Doctors suspecting it might be Dengue fever. I have asked them to take him to hospital for a thorough check up.

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