Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Idle days..

It's a strange feeling, I have no study to do, not sure whether I should do masters or look for a change..a break from study and do something new.

I am really bored, I have a lot of free time now, I don't feel like working in my spare time anymore, I feel like relaxing, which is something new to me. I have not known relaxation for last 5 years.

Strange, weired and new..

I went to my aunt's house today, spent the day there, just for a chill..not sure how chilled out I am at the moment though. Got work in 8 hours and here I am writing the blog rather than sleeping.

Got my grandfather Abdul Wahab Chowdhury and my grandmother Monazzera Khatun Chowdhurani's old picture from my aunt's house, I have scanned them and hopefully they will be on my website within few days. Pictures are quite old, thus black and white, but still something to remember them by.

I have just noticed now that today is the last day of May, and I get paid in about 8 minutes Inshallah..woohoo!

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