Thursday, December 23, 1993

Firie Dao (Amar Prem) by Miles

I am really glad to announce that a revolution has occured in Bangla Pop music. Bangladesh band Miles has released their second Bangla album 'Prottasha'. The album is absolutely brilliant. Here's a lyrics from the first song of the album. It's titled 'Firie Dao (Amar Prem)'. I love it!!

Nishsho korecho amay ki nithur cholonay
Tumihina e hridoy amar ekaki oshohay
Peye haranor bedonay pure cholechi sharakhon
Keno tumi miche mayay bedhechile amay tokhon

Firie dao amari prem tumi firie dao

Firie dao

Harano din vule evabe chole jeo na

Amar hridoy jure shudhu tumi chile
Jotoshukh chilo mone keno muche dile

Peye haranor…Firie dao.

Okaron ovimane tumi chole jeo na
Mayabi e badhon chire dure shore jeo na

Peye haranor…Firie dao.

Sunday, January 17, 1993

চট্টগ্রাম কলেজিয়েট স্কুল

I have got admitted at the Chittagong Collegiate School-one of the oldest and most prestigious school in South Asia.

The School has been topping all the board exam in Comilla board since its inception.
I have got admitted at class 6, section D. My class tutor is called Muhammad Abdul Hai. Semi-retired teacher with goatie. He calls us 'Sonar Pitoylla Kolshi'-his term for calling us Vain.
My roll number in the class is 1. I was the first person to get admitted in the class. My dad took me to school for the admission. After admission we went to Josna Apu's house in Halishahar 'K' block.

The Headmaster of the school is called Muhammad Abdul Khaleque. He lives in a nice and tidy house in the school perimiter. The school is massive- has one of the biggest area among Bangladeshi schools. A huge playground, numerous classrooms, 3 function halls, gallery, library, 3 science workshop, 1 vocational workshop, student's residence, teacher's residence and a garden centre.

Hope to enjoy my next 5 years here Inshallah.