Monday, July 16, 2007

Minus One: One to go

Today Bangladesh’s former Prime Minister was arrested from her house on charges of extortion. Although I remain cynical about the charge after such a long time, I welcome the arrest. Simply because Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia made my life hell while I was in Bangladesh!

Aside from my personal rejoice & sense of vindication, I think this arrest will bring good for Bangladesh.

Let me explain why, during Hasina’s 5 years tenure as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, I was in school and college. From what I saw, it was an irresponsible continuous protest of couple of months which brought her into power. The protest she made for the caretaker government paralysed the national economy. The BNP government was doing very well in economical development and building the country’s structure. (Unlike their second term, when they looted the country)

After Sheikh Hasina came into power in 1996, she was more interested in using her influences abroad to get honourary degrees rather concentrating on state affairs. Her cabinet (Except Motiya Chowdhury) was full of corrupt people who were there just to make money. One example of this was Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya-his son Dipu Chowdhury terrorised and vandalised Dhaka’s Uttara area quite regularly.

Sheikh Hasina decided to ignore these issues of terrorism and consequently lost miserably in the election.

Khaleda took over the power from her in 2001. Although, Khaleda is the most corrupt and immoral woman Bangladesh has ever produced, Sheikh Hasina did no good to the country by calling blockades and strikes ever so frequently. She was indirectly hiring goons in the streets via her grass roots level activists and killing the opponents. BNP at the same time did the same. ( I just hope that Khaleda gets arrested now). They were killing each other’s activists on the street by beating them up, torching the buses and trains.

For bringing the country into a chaos, indirectly promoting and funding the killings and making Bangladesh a laughing stock in front of the international community, Hasina should be brought to justice.

Apparently Sheikh Hasina argued that, it was her protests which brought the present caretaker goverment into the power, so why is she being tried? In answer to that, I just want to say that, just her protest against BNP doesnt automatically bring an indemnity against the trial which could be formed against her. She is going to get what she deserves for whatever wrongdoings she committed over the last 15 or so years. This is what happens in a fair world and thankfully, it has started to happen in Bangladesh.

Hasina’s son Sajeeb Wazed Joy apparently told the media that, arrest of his mom is a conspiracy against Bangladesh; I have just one thing to say to him, Hasina, Khaleda, Ershad and Nijami were the curses for Bangladesh. They are being removed one by one by the present government. Please stand by them. Let your mum receive what she deserves. Your grandfather Mujib’s dreams are being carried out by this government. So stand by them.

I feel sorry for Hasina’s Husband Dr. Wazed Mia, apparently he fell ill after the arrest. He is a genuine gentleman and a renowned scientist who always stayed away from Bangladesh’s dirty politics. I have great regards for him and hope he gets well soon.

Bangladesh’s politics is minus Hasina now (hopefully): Only Khaleda to go now.

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